here we go.

Taking a deep breath.
Diving in.

That’s what I’d like to write. But in reality, in truth, it’s more…

Staring at the water.
Thinking “maybe I’ll just get my feet wet…
that looks pretty cold.”

What do I want to write about?

Moving across the country. Being in unfamiliar territory. Being away from family. Everything from the culture, the people, and the climate, to the vegetation being completely and utterly foreign, to me.

Here there be dragons. 

And I need some form of release, and expression – some kind of structure to get all of… this… out, in. (What a fine sentence that was! Ugh.) I have no stage beneath my feet, no warm, worn boards holding me up, filling my soles/soul with groundedness and inspiration, currently. Hopefully soon. I have no lectures to sit in on, no notebook and pens before me, ready to be filled with wisdom – I’m not in classes. I’m just working, right now. Just making money. Just supporting my very little, very new family (me. husband. basset hound. evil snuggly cat.) I go to work and come home, go to work and come home… I need something else / more. I’m going to find it.

And I guess I’ll write about it.


Something tells me that’ll help.




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